8 Nonfiction Titles for Women in Translation Month 2019 #WITMonth

August is Women in Translation month, an event started by Meytal Radzinski of Biblibio to encourage reading more of the too-few books written by women that are translated into English each year (statistics are a bit hard to come by, but women writers only account for around a third of what's translated.) You can learn more... Continue Reading →


12 More Upcoming Nonfiction Titles in 2019

One last installment of 2019's upcoming nonfiction new releases: We've got cult insiders, lesser known Cold War tales, undercover in asylums, retracing Napoleon's Russian retreat, jackasses, life and death in colonial Sydney, women profiling women, and a genre-bending look at domestic abuse, and some new nonfiction in translation, among others. The Berlin Mission: The American... Continue Reading →

From the Did-Not-Finish Files

I've been abandoning books left and right this year. Maybe my patience is getting thinner or my attention span shorter. Or maybe I'm always getting better at knowing if I'll like something and what topics or style issues will put me off a book. I hope it's the latter. Most of the books I abandoned... Continue Reading →

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