High Strangeness and Lore from the Midwest

¬†Book review: Midwestern Strange, by B.J. Hollars (Amazon / Book Depository) Professor B.J. Hollars set out, after a challenge from his writing students, to investigate his region's tales of inexplicable monsters and events of "high strangeness," that is, "encounters that are improvable either as events or illusions." I've selected the Midwest as my testing ground... Continue Reading →

Ladies of Cryptography: The Women Who Broke War’s Codes

Book review: Code Girls, by Liza Mundy Amazon I'm in some kind of hush, hush business. Somewhere in Wash. D.C. If I say anything I'll get hung for sure. I guess I signed my life away. But I don't mind it. Code Girls,¬†author Liza Mundy's history of the women who worked tirelessly cracking codes to... Continue Reading →

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