Here Be Monsters, Except Not Really

Book review: The Unidentified, by Colin Dickey  Belief in fringe topics like Atlantis, or cryptids (Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and other associated “hidden” animals), or UFOs, or ancient aliens—has risen drastically in the last few years...We are, in other words, experiencing a time of resurgence of fringe beliefs, when ideas mostly dismissed by science... Continue Reading →

Tracing Cryptids and Culture in the Great Bear Rainforest

Book review: In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond, by John Zada (Amazon / Book Depository) I owe so much to Last Podcast on the Left. If I hadn't started listening to it, with its frequent hilarious dives into the world of cryptids, I never would've considered picking up a book about Sasquatch. Horizons, consider... Continue Reading →

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