The Complicated Story of Women, Alcohol, and Sobriety

Book review: Quit Like a Woman, by Holly Whitaker (Amazon / Book Depository) Women are drinking more than we ever have before. Between 2002 and 2012, the rates of alcohol addiction among women rose by 84 percent—as in, it nearly doubled. One in ten adult American women will die an alcohol-related death, and from 2007... Continue Reading →

How the Instinct to Eat Can Go Wrong: Personal Stories of Food Anxieties

Book review: The Eating Instinct, by Virginia Sole-Smith Book Depository Nutrition has become a permanently unsolvable Rubik's Cube. So we read more books, pin more blog posts, buy more products, and sign up for more classes and consultations. And we don't realize how many of the so-called experts guiding us through this new and constantly... Continue Reading →

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