Tina Fontaine and the Issue of Missing, Murdered Indigenous Canadians

Book review: Red River Girl, by Joanna Jolly (Amazon / Book Depository) "The wide, frozen snake of the Red River curved through the city's landscape, a timeless witness to all that had gone before and all that would come." BBC journalist Joanna Jolly learned of the murder of Tina Fontaine, a 15-year-old Indigenous girl from... Continue Reading →

Tracing Cryptids and Culture in the Great Bear Rainforest

Book review: In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond, by John Zada (Amazon / Book Depository) I owe so much to Last Podcast on the Left. If I hadn't started listening to it, with its frequent hilarious dives into the world of cryptids, I never would've considered picking up a book about Sasquatch. Horizons, consider... Continue Reading →

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