Notes From Self-Imposed Siberian Exile

Book review: The Consolations of the Forest, by Sylvain Tesson (Amazon / Book Depository) I'd promised myself that before I turned forty I would live as a hermit deep in the woods. I wanted to settle an old score with time. French author Sylvain Tesson felt an itch familiar to many: to escape the stress... Continue Reading →

An Unusual Investigation Reveals Sweden’s “Dark Heart”

Book review: The Dark Heart, by Joakim Palmkvist (Amazon / Book Depository) At summer's end in 2012, an older, miserly farmer went missing from his farm in the Swedish countryside. The surrounding region is dubbed the "dark heart of Smaland," in reference to its traditional conservatism and religious background. Palmkvist points out that it's an... Continue Reading →

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