Down and Out in Rhode Island

Book review: Down City, by Leah Carroll Leah Carroll's mother died when Leah was four years old, strangled in a motel room by two drug dealers with mafia connections to Rhode Island's Patriarca crime family and a misguided paranoia. She's then raised by her father and stepmother, with the ghost of her mother a constant... Continue Reading →

Iran’s Culinary Culture and the Appeal of the Temporary Marriage

Book review: The Temporary Bride: A Memoir of Food and Love in Iran (Amazon / Book Depository) Published in 2014 in the UK, Australian, and New Zealand markets, Jennifer Klinec's Iranian food and romance memoir The Temporary Bride will be published on Valentine's Day in the U.S. Klinec abandons a financially secure career in London to open a cooking... Continue Reading →

A Found Memoir of Running and Refuge

Book review: Asylum, by Moriz Scheyer (Amazon / Book Depository) Viennese author Moriz Scheyer completed his memoir of being wrenched from his life as an editor and critic for a major newspaper in Vienna and hiding out in France even before World War II had ended. Considering that, it's incredible that he had so much perspective... Continue Reading →

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