Two Narrative Nonfiction Mini-Reviews

I love narrative nonfiction, and in discussing this genre, two titles that inevitably come up as outstanding examples of nonfiction perfectly crafted into a narrative structure are Five Days at Memorial and In the Kingdom of Ice. Let's talk about them! Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital by Sheri Fink  Physician and... Continue Reading →

A Narrative Nonfiction Classic on Cultural Clashes in Medicine

Book review: The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, by Anne Fadiman (Amazon / Book Depository) Published twenty years ago this year, this book consistently tops lists of the best (narrative) nonfiction. I was late reading it, but so glad I finally got around to it. This'll be my last review this year -... Continue Reading →

Biography of a Hospital

Book review: Bellevue, by David Oshinsky (Amazon / Book Depository) Pulitzer-prize winning journalist David Oshinsky writes a comprehensive, readable history of New York City's legendary public hospital, which along the way becomes a slice of social history of the city itself and an outline of the development of American medical practices as well. The name alone... Continue Reading →

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