Dark Roots and the Myth or Reality of a European Family History

Book review: A Crime in the Family, by Sacha Batthyany Swiss journalist Sacha Batthyany heard a disturbing rumor: near the end of the Second World War, his Aunt Margit was alleged to have participated in the massacre of hundreds of Jewish prisoners in the small Austrian town of Rechnitz. The crime took place during a... Continue Reading →

Tracing Gender and Identity, in Budapest and Beyond

Book review: In the Darkroom, by Susan Faludi (Amazon / Book Depository) Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, author, and feminist Susan Faludi received an email out of the blue in 2004, from her father whom she's been estranged from for 27 years. He informed her that he'd undergone sex reassignment surgery, and was now known as Stefánie. Shocked... Continue Reading →

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