An Austrian Serial Killer: The Strange Story of “Rehabilitated” Murderer Jack Unterweger

Book review: The Vienna Woods Killer, by John Leake (Amazon / Book Depository) John Leake, an American writer who lived nearly a decade in Vienna, wrote this definitive account of Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger. Unterweger's is quite the interesting story, not least because the crime of serial murder is far from common in Austria. Combined... Continue Reading →

Nonfiction Titles Celebrating Women in Translation Month

August is Women in Translation month, an annual celebration of writing by women translated into English. I'm late to be sharing anything about this, but in case you can still catch something, bookstores often spotlight titles and hold sales, host special events and readings, and many publishers offer discounts on titles by women in translation.... Continue Reading →

The America Hiding in Plain Sight

Book review: Hidden America, by Jeanne Marie Laskas (Amazon / Book Depository) I discovered this book through the excellent New York Times Match Book column. If you're not already familiar, people write asking for specific book recommendations based on previous favorites or highly specific genres. This one was mentioned in a social issues-themed reading list.... Continue Reading →

Into the Heart of Texas

Book review: God Save Texas, by Lawrence Wright (Amazon / Book Depository) By the time I graduated from high school, I was sick of Texas. I did everything I could to cleanse myself of its influence...I’ve seen the same thing happen to people who come from other societies with a strong cultural imprint; they reverse the image.... Continue Reading →

A View From the Border

Book review: The Line Becomes a River, by Francisco Cantú (Amazon / Book Depository) When I was in school, I spent all this time studying international relations, immigration, border security. I was always reading about policy and economics, looking at all these complex academic ways of addressing this big unsolvable problem. When I made the... Continue Reading →

The Book Making America Read Again

Book review: Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff Amazon First, I have to apologize for what I wrote in one of my books to anticipate in 2018 posts. I can't believe I even considered NOT reading this book, in light of everything that's happened around it since. To be fair, I think the day I published that... Continue Reading →

The Ongoing Mystery of a Missing American in Iran

Book review: Missing Man, by Barry Meier (Amazon / Book Depository) FBI agents typically solve cases when criminals or terrorists make mistakes. Those missteps might involve a sloppy email, an impulsive Internet posting, repetitive travel patterns, or other fumbles. A mistake can provide the thread on which an investigator starts pulling. The more James McJunkin... Continue Reading →

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