Then and Now, Across America’s Last Frontier

Book review: Tip of the Iceberg, by Mark Adams (Amazon / Book Depository) Travel writer Mark Adams recounts his experiences traveling in Alaska, that "last great American frontier", following the trail of an exploratory expedition run by railroad tycoon Edward Harriman in 1899. That expedition was mapping the state's coastline, and included famed naturalist and... Continue Reading →

Cold-Blooded Murder on America’s Last Frontier

Book review: Ice and Bone: Tracking an Alaskan Serial Killer, by Monte Francis (Amazon / Book Depository) There's something exotic about Alaska and its identity in America as our "Last Frontier", compared with what Alaskans call the "Lower 48". I don't know much about it, besides that it used to be Russia, it's the least-populated... Continue Reading →

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