“Human Stories” Illustrate Our Connection to the Ocean

Book review: The Imperiled Ocean, by Laura Trethewey (Amazon / Book Depository) This story about a village by the sea, a complicated past behind it, a challenging future ahead, is like so many stories I’ve heard about the ocean... the theme of unavoidable change is omnipresent, change so deep and wide-reaching that it is beyond... Continue Reading →

An Atlantic Shipwreck Seen Through its Sole Survivor

Book review: Adrift, by Brian Murphy with Toula Vlahou Amazon Adrift tells the story of the packet ship John Rutledge, which in 1856 crossed the North Atlantic from Liverpool to New York with a cargo consisting mostly of mail and around 100 passengers, many of them emigrating from Ireland. The ship navigated turbulent winter conditions before... Continue Reading →

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