What You Wear Can Change Your Life: Sartorial Lessons in a Memoir of Surviving Auschwitz

Book review: Measure of a Man, by Martin Greenfield with Wynton Hall (Amazon / Book Depository) Martin Greenfield was born Maximilian Grünfeld in Pavlovo, then part of Czechoslovakia and now in Ukraine. At age fifteen, he and his family were deported to Auschwitz, like so many other Jewish families in this part of the world... Continue Reading →

What Do Bears and the People of Former Communist Countries Have in Common?

Book review: Dancing Bears: True Stories About Longing for the Old Days, by Witold Szabłowski Amazon / Book Depository   Another version of this book, newly published in its first English translation, has the subtitle "True Stories of People Nostalgic for Life Under Tyranny". That sums up perfectly what it's about - stories about how and seemingly... Continue Reading →

Rest in peace. You are not forgotten.

Book review: History of a Disappearance, by Filip Springer (Amazon / Book Depository) "'Our memories of the town keep getting more beautiful as the years go by,' they laugh, because that's how human memory is - it sifts out the bad and only holds on to beautiful images." It's a strange but true facet of history that... Continue Reading →

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