The Long Story of an LAPD Cold Case

Book review: The Lazarus Files, by Matthew McGough (Amazon / Book Depository) In 2009, a decades-old cold case, the 1986 murder of Sherri Rasmussen, a young newlywed nurse in Van Nuys, heated up when a suspect was finally arrested. As in many recent cases, new testing of old DNA evidence - here, an allegedly misplaced... Continue Reading →

Mark Bowden on Turning Over a Cold Case’s “Last Stone”

Book review: The Last Stone, by Mark Bowden (Amazon / Book Depository) Mark Bowden is a gem in narrative journalism. I've so often been sucked into reading a longread, that kind of lose-track-of-time story, and see it's his after finally checking the byline. He's a wonderfully compelling storyteller and a thorough, detail-oriented journalist. In The... Continue Reading →

One Month In Maryland Homicide

Book review: A Good Month for Murder, by Del Quentin Wilber (Amazon / Book Depository) Reporter Del Quentin Wilber spent an extended chunk of time shadowing the homicide division of Maryland's Prince George's County Police Department. He wasn't exactly sure what he intended to write about the embedded experience, but he was interested in how... Continue Reading →

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