Two Books of Criticism, Conspiracy, and Pop and Political Culture

Journalist Sarah Kendzior has always had an unfortunately prescient ability of reading the writing on the wall when it comes to the direction that political winds are blowing in America. Currently based in St. Louis, her 2018 book The View From Flyover Country brilliantly captured a part of America that the media often overlooks, and... Continue Reading →

The Superhero Side of Chronic Illness

Super Sick: Making Peace with Chronic Illness, by Allison Alexander These problems may be manageable for a short time. But when they keep happening, when there's no bright horizon of "getting better" to look forward to, I feel like I'm a cup continually poured out and never refilled. Being sick for a long time or... Continue Reading →

Fast Food and the American Dream

Book review: Drive-Thru Dreams, by Adam Chandler (Amazon / Book Depository) Drive-Thru Dreams opens with an affecting story about how a prank inspired one of those benevolent gestures from a big company, leading to a feel-good video for social media and wins all-around for everyone involved -- on the surface, at least. It establishes an... Continue Reading →

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