Trailing Trump: Memories From Covering an Unconventional Campaign

Book review: Unbelievable, by Katy Tur (Amazon / Book Depository) Asked by Brian Williams what she's learned after 510 days of Trump, MSNBC reporter Katy Tur thinks to herself, "I've learned that Trump has his own version of reality, which is a polite way of saying he can't always be trusted. He also brings his own sense of... Continue Reading →

Breaking Down the Clinton Campaign, Mistake by Mistake

Book review: Shattered, by Jonathan Allen & Amie Parnes (Amazon / Book Depository) “The absurdities of the election - Russian cyberattacks, a rogue FBI director, and an orange-hued reality-TV star winning the Republican nomination - intensified the sense of grief for Hillary, Bill, and their inner circle.” As they did for all of us, really. Reporters Jonathan... Continue Reading →

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