Heartening Anecdotes of Cooking and Life, Disastrous and Otherwise

Book review: Home Cooking, by Laurie Colwin Amazon Originally published 1988, this collection of memoir-centric essays on cooking and life is insightful, funny, surprisingly practical and helpful, and still fresh and relevant thirty years later. Beloved novelist Laurie Colwin loved being in the kitchen, especially cooking for other people. She has an upbeat, happy sense... Continue Reading →

The Healing Powers of Comfort Food

Book review: The Comfort Food Diaries, by Emily Nunn (Amazon / Book Depository) What's comfort food to you? What do you make or seek out when you're blue, or need soothing? Is it what your family made when you were small, or something far away from those memories? I thought a lot about my preferred... Continue Reading →

Food As Love in Any Language

Book review:¬†The Language of Baklava, by Diana Abu-Jaber (Amazon / Book Depository) I'm falling in love with "foodoirs" lately. Those are food-themed memoirs, in case you're late to the genre, like I was. This one moved me more than I unexpected. Novelist Diana Abu-Jaber was born in America to a Jordanian immigrant father and an... Continue Reading →

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