David Sedaris on Getting Older, Complicated Families, and the “Sea Section”

Book review: Calypso, by David Sedaris Amazon His most recent publications have been a bit of a diversion for David Sedaris. Last year, he published the first part of his diaries, Theft by Finding, which showed the genesis of some of his well known works, as well as being an unconventional glimpse into his early life and... Continue Reading →

A Story of a Crime, Sort Of

Book review: Love and Death in the Sunshine State, by Cutter Wood (Amazon / Book Depository) While staying in a motel on the island of Anna Maria in Florida, graduate writing student Cutter Wood witnesses the search for a missing woman, who happens to be one of the motel's owners, as it begins to ramp... Continue Reading →

Fidelity, Identity, Disappearance, Wanderlust

Book review: The Art of Vanishing, by Laura Smith (Amazon / Book Depository) Writer and journalist Laura Smith viewed her upcoming wedding quite differently than what might be considered standard. She didn't relish being the center of attention. She deeply loved and wanted to be committed to her fiancé, but had trepidations about the institution of... Continue Reading →

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