T.S. Eliot In His Youth

Book review: Young Eliot, by Robert Crawford (Amazon/ Book Depository) What a few weeks it's been for T.S. Eliot, huh? There've been news stories referencing the poet every day: between the much-anticipated release of his letters to Emily Hale, his one-that-got-away who, despite rejecting him, seemed to carry a torch for him anyway; and the... Continue Reading →

Sharp Essays on America’s Social, Political, and Economic Bruises

Book review: The View from Flyover Country, by Sarah Kendzior Amazon An old adage says to write what you know. As a journalist living in a decayed Midwestern city waiting - and waiting and waiting - for the Great Recession to end, that was what I knew. Political writer, analyst and academic researcher of authoritarian... Continue Reading →

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