New Release Mini-Review Hodgepodge

What the title says! I've been trying to think of themes or ways to combine reviews because I have such a backlog and I finally just gave up. These have nothing in common except they're being released this week or next. Let's talk about them! Carry: A Memoir of Survival on Stolen Land, by Toni... Continue Reading →

The Pseudoscience of Personality Typing and its Eccentric Mother-Daughter Developers

Book review: The Personality Brokers, by Merve Emre (Amazon /¬†Book Depository) Only the smallest fraction of those who encountered the indicator knew anything about Isabel, Katharine, or the origins of type. If asked about the indicator's provenance, most people would have assumed that Myers and Briggs were the last names of two collaborating psychologists -... Continue Reading →

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