An Austrian Serial Killer: The Strange Story of “Rehabilitated” Murderer Jack Unterweger

Book review: The Vienna Woods Killer, by John Leake (Amazon / Book Depository) John Leake, an American writer who lived nearly a decade in Vienna, wrote this definitive account of Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger. Unterweger's is quite the interesting story, not least because the crime of serial murder is far from common in Austria. Combined... Continue Reading →

The Life and Science of the Physicist Who Changed Quantum Theory

Book review: Erwin Schrödinger and the Quantum Revolution, by John Gribbin In honor of the 130th anniversary of Erwin Schrödinger's birth on August 12, I'm posting a previously published review I wrote on a pop biography of his life and work. The intricacies of a life are woven inextricably into the weave of work and the... Continue Reading →

What We Can Learn From Mozart’s Pet

Book review: Mozart's Starling, by Lyanda Lynn Haupt (Amazon / Book Depository) When I set out to follow the story of Mozart and his starling, I saw at its center a shining, irresistible paradox: one of the greatest and most loved composers in all of history was inspired by a common, despised starling. Now I muse upon the many facets of this... Continue Reading →

A Found Memoir of Running and Refuge

Book review: Asylum, by Moriz Scheyer (Amazon / Book Depository) Viennese author Moriz Scheyer completed his memoir of being wrenched from his life as an editor and critic for a major newspaper in Vienna and hiding out in France even before World War II had ended. Considering that, it's incredible that he had so much perspective... Continue Reading →

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