Culinary and Travel Stories, from Al Dente to Zucchini Blossoms

Book review: The Bread and the Knife, by Dawn Drzal (Amazon / Book Depository) Former cookbook editor Dawn Drzal's memoir is structured around 26 dishes or ingredients of significance in her life, matched up to the letters of the alphabet. Although the alphabet theme is a bit gimmicky, the writing is anything but. Drzal draws... Continue Reading →

Reflective Writing on Solitude and Creativity

Book review: The Art of the Wasted Day, by Patricia Hampl Amazon If you're a "seeker" (and who, opening a book, is not?), isn't the open road the only way, paradoxically, to find the lost life of daydream where all the rest - wisdom, decency, generosity, compassion, joy, and plain honesty - are sequestered? If... Continue Reading →

Fidelity, Identity, Disappearance, Wanderlust

Book review: The Art of Vanishing, by Laura Smith (Amazon / Book Depository) Writer and journalist Laura Smith viewed her upcoming wedding quite differently than what might be considered standard. She didn't relish being the center of attention. She deeply loved and wanted to be committed to her fianc√©,¬†but had trepidations about the institution of... Continue Reading →

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