Rest and Restoration in the North: Finnish Forests and Wintering

The Sisterhood of the Enchanted Forest: Sustenance, Wisdom, and Awakening in Finland's Karelia by Naomi Moriyama and William Doyle (buy it used or new at Naomi Moriyama, a Tokyo-born Manhattanite, was uprooted from her noisy but familiar New York City existence when her husband got a Fulbright to the University of Eastern Finland in... Continue Reading →

A Mind of Winter: Chronicling Seasonal Darkness

Book review: The Light in the Dark, by Horatio Clare (Amazon / Book Depository) The struggle is intensifying. It is like being sealed into a grey snowball which keeps gathering defeats. However much I wash, I seem to smell of dirty winter trains and exhaust... Winter is a miser at the moment, giving nothing but... Continue Reading →

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